Clothing Guide

Here’s a guide to help you pick outfits & pieces that will be perfect for photos so they can look the best they can! If you have any questions let me know, some clients like to send over a quick iPhone photo of the outfits they’re bringing to make sure they’ll work or not, which I’m totally happy to help with! The guide should answer most of your questions though! 

What To Wear
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01 / Why It Matters

I want to give my clients the highest quality, timeless images, and outfit choice plays a big part in that. My goal is to bring attention to your faces and portray your relationship. Certain colors or textures can pull away from that and will end up being the main focus of the image.

Sometimes outfits that look great in real life can be distracting in photos. Together we can plan the perfect outfit and photos will turn out better from it!

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Just remember to bring a few options of outfits and we can pick and choose outfits for you can change into throughout the shoot depending on the location’s colors, the light, and weather. Can’t wait for our shoot! Let me know if you have any questions!